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Monitor Audio Silver 6 Floor Standing Speakers Northern Ireland, UK

So Monitor Audio have upgraded their Silver 6 speakers,these were already a fantastic speaker but now sound so much sweeter than before.Don,t get me wrong the previous version was and is a great speaker but this one takes the overall delivery up a few notches.
They do need a long run in,i would say about 200 hrs as straight out of the box they are bright and very lean,but once they are run in they have a nice depth to their image.Bass is well extended but never over blown so times very well and bass notes stop and start as they should,vocally they seem to prefer females as the mid range is very sweet and never sounds shouty but ask them to belt out a bit of rock and they really wont let you down,finally the top end,it is smooth and clean and even when pushed never gets raspy,things like cymbals etc just ring out and fade away,a lot to do with the tweeter which comes from the gold range,new cross over and improved cabinets.

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