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Rel T5i


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Now better than ever, the REL T5i is still the ultimate compact subwoofer.

A high quality design refined
The REL T5i builds on the original by offering an upgraded, lighter woofer cone, giving an even faster response. The cabinet uses thicker walls for reduced distortion and even the feet have been enhanced – all in an effort to improve the solidity and speed of response.

High current 125 watt amplifier for vice-like grip
Keeping the revised bass cone under tight control is REL’s tried and tested 125 watt Class A/B amplifier. Unlike other active subwoofers that use digital amplifiers, REL have stuck to the more traditional Class A/B transistor design. Although more expensive to produce, the upside is class-leading attack and control. Unlike lesser subs, the bass starts and stops exactly when it should with superb agility and no ‘overhang’ to its response.

Reliable performer
Thanks to a large heatsink on the rear of the sub, the T5i is kept cool, giving many years of reliable performance. Used in over 100, 000 units to date, these REL amplifiers have an excellent track record for reliability.

Separate levels pre-set for your hi-fi and home cinema
If you use your subwoofer for both home cinema and hi-fi, the REL T5i is ideal. Traditionally, the problem with using a sub with both home cinema and music systems is the difference in presence required. Whereas films often require the sub to be turned up for the greatest thrills, music demands a more subtle approach. With the REL T5i you have separate level controls for stereo and LFE .1 surround. This means you get the ideal levels for both hi-fi and AV, without the need to constantly change the settings.

High quality finish
With REL’s legendary build quality and finish, the T5i has to be one of the most attractive-looking subwoofers in its class. Featuring a deep, piano gloss finish and logoed aluminium feet, this is one subwoofer you’ll be proud to have on show.

Highly compact yet hugely capable, the REL T5i is still the room-friendly sub of choice.