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Rel Subwoofers


Rel Subwoofers

OK people so you have a home cinema kit but you are lacking the excitement you thought you should have when listening to your favorite film or music,it lacks bass weight and punch so sounds flat and lifeless,what you need is a REL sub-woofer in your set up.
Rels are the best you can buy and cover a wide range of prices and sizes to suit all AND WILL put bass in your place and good bass not the flabby sort of stuff lesser subs call bass.

Rel subs can be set to work for both music and movies so you get just what u need,ie depth,speed,timing,weight as needed for music and punch and power for those big movies.

Call in with us at for a demo and please feel free to bring along any music or films you would like to hear and feel the difference a Rel sub makes to them.